March 10 Guild Meeting – a Few Notes

I just wanted to touch base with everyone after the meeting yesterday. We had a great turnout with several new people who are also interested in modern quilting and our new guild. Maryann and I shared impressions of Quiltcon including photos of some of the quilts displayed. Quiltcon was an exciting and inspirational four days and we felt this modern quilting movement really has some energy behind it.

I also shared the news that we now have the beginnings of a website for our guild. My husband worked frantically to get the site up and running before the meeting. The site is currently functional and includes a contact page for anyone interested in learning more about us. This contact page is designed to capture email addresses that we will add to our new google groups email list. (If you are getting this e-mail, you are already part of this group and do not need to sign up via the web). So if you have friends interested in joining us, direct them to this contact page on the site. The new site also includes what will become a blog or news page. It is here that I will post up news, meeting dates or perhaps other things of interest to modern quilters. For example, I will probably do a post of the quilts of Quiltcon when I get a chance. As we grow and our needs expand, so will the website.I would love feedback as to what you would like to see on the site. We have already had the suggestion to include links to some of our favorite modern quilting blogs and websites.

The new site is Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Also, now that we have a website and a place to capture e-mail addresses I contacted The Modern Quilt Guild and asked them to add us to the list of local guilds listed on their website. They have just revamped their website and are making a lot of changes so if you haven’t visited them lately you should check them out at

Our next meeting will be April 14th. The meeting will begin at 2PM but Maryann will open the shop at 1PM so come early and everyone can get to know each other a little better. We also thought it might be fun to challenge ourselves a bit for the next meeting. Rhonda suggested we take a traditional block that we might have in our current stash and find a way to make it “modern”. That of course is up to your interpretation. So the challenge is to recreate the block in any way you see fit with a modern twist. Maybe that means a different choice of fabrics, maybe it means improvisational piecing or maybe it means making it a bit wonky. You decide, just have some fun and challenge yourself a bit. Bring the block to the next meeting and we can share what we did, what we learned and how we felt about the process.

One final note, this e-mail is set up as a Google groups account, so when anyone on the list replies to the email it will be received by all the other members of the group. It is designed to encourage collaboration and sharing with the other members. If you would like to e-mail me directly without it being broadcast as a group e-mail please reach me at

Thank you everyone and keep on quilting!