Keeping in touch using social media…

Your emails have caused me to smile. I don’t “do” Facebook either. I have been resistant and gnashed my teeth when asked, “Are you on Facebook?” My husband created a personal Facebook account, some 5 years ago, to keep up with the doings of our soon-to-be 6 year old nephew! Still, I declined.
The Guild blog that was created by Denis (Barb’s husband and tech guru) and updated by Barb, is no longer supported by WordPress. Posting to it is a struggle and quite limiting. Using the current blog as a means of communication for our DEMQG has been less effective and less interactive than I had hoped or imagined.
Denis supported and encouraged the idea of a Facebook DEMQG page. This attempt is my first foray into the world of Facebook. Will it be successful? I don’t know. It’s either this, or create an entirely new (WordPress) blog for the DEMQG.
As we continue to evolve as a Modern Quilt Guild, I find myself hoping that not just my artistic quilting bounds are pushed and stretched. I have acknowledged and admitted to myself that many of todays modern quilters have been recognized due to their web presence for which they have garnered a strong and supportive following. It seems…seams to me, this is how the entire MQG has gained such (forward, unstoppable and bold) momentum!?!?!?
I find all of this to be encouraging and intimidating. Old dog, new tricks…you know. Learning and growing among friends and those of like-mind seems less scary than going it alone. Not doing at all doesn’t feel like much of a choice or option.
Please let me know your thoughts and feelings on this topic. Is this something we can/should discuss during our upcoming Guild meeting? Thank you for your willingness to dialog and keep an open mind. ; )
Here’s looking forward to all the possibilities that 2016 holds!
Piecefully, Pam

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