June Meeting and upcoming events

imageWe had a very productive meeting in June and talked about a lot of things which I will attempt to summarize below. After much discussion amongst everyone we have settled on a couple things for the upcoming months.

We talked about communication between guild members and to facilitate this we thought it would be a good idea to come up with an active member roster. Those at the meeting provided their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. I plan to build a contact sheet so if everyone could provide me their contact info I will get that together. Additionally, we talked about email communication between members. Remember, it is important when replying to an email that you wish all members of the group to see, reply using the “reply all” function. If you use just the “reply” function, only the sender of the email will get your response.

The next several months meeting dates were decided upon. Hopefully this will be helpful to those who plan in advance. They will be as follows:
July 13, 2014
August 10, 2014
September 14, 2014
October 12, 2014
November 9, 2014
There will be no December meeting due to the holidays and as we did last year, we will do a small holiday party at the November meeting – details will be forthcoming in the fall.

At our meeting on August 10th, Rhonda has generously agreed to lead us in our first Sew-Along. Details, fabric requirements and cutting instructions have been provided by Rhonda to those who expressed an interest. However, it’s not too late to join in so let myself or Rhonda know and we will get you all the preliminary info. ¬†Maryann has agreed to open the shop early at 11:00 am for those who wish to participate in the Sew-Along. Our regularly scheduled meeting will follow at 2:00pm.

After much discussion, we decided that a Modern Quilt Bee would be a fun ongoing activity to unite our group with only a limited time commitment every month. Our version of the Modern Quilt Bee will provide opportunity for members to collaborate on a quilt with their bee mates, try out new techniques and/or color combinations and learn from one another all while exploring the Modern Quilt Movement. In the end the plan is for each Queen Bee to end up with a finished quilt of her choosing, but she won’t have had to do all the work. The possibilities are endless. Sounds like a winner to me!

So let me expand on this idea by filling everyone in on what we discussed. Those who would like to participate will each be assigned a month on the calendar and designated the “Queen Bee” that month. The Queen Bee would (in advance of her month) decide upon a block (modern, traditional, liberated, etc) that she would like the other Bee Mates to make for her which she would then assemble into a quilt. She will be responsible for preparing the “tute” (short for tutorial as they say in the Modern Quilt Movement) with all cutting and piecing instructions. The “tute” would also include particulars such as the finished block size, color preferences and any other details the Queen Bee would like to convey about her block choice. Please include your contact information and/or email address as well so that if your bee mates have any questions or need to update you on the status of your blocks it can be easily done. This tutorial would then be distributed at the meeting and everyone would have the month to complete two blocks (one if it is large block or a complicated design) for the Queen Bee. Additionally, the instructions will be emailed to all bee mates in case you were unable to attend the meeting so you can keep up. At the next month’s meeting the finished blocks would be turned over to their new owner and the next month’s Queen Bee will provide instructions for her block and the whole process would repeat itself.

Regarding the bee, we had a few thoughts. First of all we would hope that if you elect to join the Modern Quilt Bee you will be able to commit to the entire round so that everyone will know how many blocks they could expect to receive in their month. Of course we realize that emergencies happen and things change in life but we would hope that all participants would make an earnest effort to continue their participation for the duration of the bee. Secondly, we think it is important to be respectful of other people’s property and copyrights. Please give credit or provide a link to a blog, pattern or tutorial where appropriate. Also, we ask that everyone use quality quilting fabric (100% cotton) unless directed to do otherwise by the Queen Bee who may say “anything goes” or encourages us to explore other fiber content.

We assigned upcoming months to those in attendance at the June meeting, but nothing is set in stone and months can be flipped or traded. Faith has agreed to be July’s Queen Bee and will come prepared to our July meeting with her “tute” for our first round and block assignment. Queen Bees may also opt/are encouraged to demo a technique used in her block if necessary during her assigned month.

Here’s the line up so far…let us know if you would like to participate and we will add you to the calendar. A running list will be kept and posted so that everyone is aware of their month.

July–Faith K.
August–Maryann M.
September–Sharon R.
October–Mary R.
November–Barbara L.

January–Sue W.
February–Rhonda A.
March–Melissa S.

So…that was a lot to throw at everyone but I’m excited about our upcoming projects and activities!