11/08/2015 DEMQG Recap

We are official members of the National MQG and this was our first meeting as such!!! Bravo and applause to everyone for their tenacity, patience and efforts in making this happen!!! Barbara has opened a basic, no frills-no fees checking account at Citizens Bank, and via a PayPal transaction paid our prorated 2015 dues to the National MQG. At our December meeting, $25.00 per person will be collected for our 2016 dues to the national MQG. Please come prepared.

Speaking of our next meeting, it is scheduled for Sunday, 12/13/15,and is set to begin at noon. As a holiday gather, we are to bring a covered dish to share. Melissa has enticed us all with the option to participate in our first ever Mystery Challenge during the December meeting. For those wishing to join in, we have been instructed to bring a one yard piece of a clear solid color (no black, white or tan fabrics, please). This Challenge will be due in March, of 2016!

Those attending the November meeting included: Mary G., BJ, Melissa, Colleen, Rachel, Sue B., Stacy, Pam, Jen, Rhonda, Lorraine (a new member – welcome!), Pat, Maryann and Barb. We missed those who were not here!

We discussed how to move forward, as a “new” guild and talked about meeting structure, focus and intent to be modern quilting, and plans or an agenda for our 2016 year. Brainstorming yielded these results:
>two charity quilts per year
>a Round Robin, to begin in January
>a quarterly challenge
>a 10-15 minute member led instruction or discussion/presentation related to modern quilting
>meeting with another MQG
>the possibility of a having MQG Show or perhaps our Guild having a presence at another local Quilt Show

With regards to the charity quilt projects, Jen will take the lead for the first half of the year and Rhonda volunteered to lead the second 2016 charity quilt project. Jen has participated in the national guild charity quilt projects and will be our liaison in this venture with/through the national quilt which she said typically begins in February. So…sew, stay tuned!

Maryann wishes to head-up the Round Robin project and she will be prepared to share the details at our December meeting with the expectation for the Round Robin to get underway in January. This is an opportunity for those who are interested, but you may opt out.

The question was raised, “Would the Round Robin project replace the monthly Queen Bee block party?” Good question! We decided to put out feelers here, think about it, and you may voice your interest here or share at the upcoming December meeting. ; )

Barb said she would lead the 2nd quarterly challenge, and Colleen and Stacy expressed interest in heading up challenges for the second half of the year.

As far as member led instruction, Stacy will go first, beginning with the December meeting! She volunteered to teach us how to use social media in the quilt world with a focus on Instagram!!! Please bring your device(s), be it iPad or mobile phone, and be ready to learn from this social media dynamo. I know we are ALL looking forward to this, Stacy! Thank you for your willingness to teach us new/modern tricks!!! ; )

Other member led volunteers are: Jen – to teach us the technique she used for her Plus Quilt, Pam – to demo how to make continuous bias binding, Mary R (uh, we volunteered you…) – to show us your Stitch Witchery magic for basting a quilt, Pat volunteered – and you know she will demo something way cool, Colleen may shed light on a modern quilting facet, there is interest in labels, I would love to learn how to not be afraid of zippers…

In other quilt-y news, there was mention of Erin Underwood opening a quilt shop on Route 4 and a woman from TN opening a 2000 square foot sewing store near the Route 1 PNC and 5 Points.

On to show ‘n tell, and the eye candy…!!!

A groovy quilt by Rhonda
A groovy quilt by Rhonda
Rhonda's modern geese
Rhonda’s modern geese
a quilt by Lorraine
a quilt by Lorraine
Lorraine and a beauty
Lorraine and a beauty
Pat's quilt
Pat’s quilt
Pat's striped study
Pat’s striped study
a festive tree skirt by Mary Ann
a festive tree skirt by Mary Ann
BJ's finished Queen Bee quilt
BJ’s finished Queen Bee quilt
blocks from Melissa's class with Jen Kingwell, I believe
blocks from Melissa’s class with Jen Kingwell, I believe
Colleen's deconstructed or re-imagined Dresden Plate blocks
Colleen’s deconstructed or re-imagined Dresden Plate blocks
charity quilt led by Sue B.
charity quilt led by Sue B.

Thanks for stopping by, and reading our DEMQG musings. Please feel free to leave a comment. Hopefully this blog will continue to grow and evolve. Enjoy your day and take a few stitches when you can!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. there were other photos that I could not upload due to their size and error message I got from wordpress when attempting to include them. Sorry about that! If I find a work around I will have pix of Jen’s Queen Bee blocks so far, her completed Moda Build Blocks quilt and more!

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